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2-3 Pss Pss LECCE Festival Italy
4 Pss Pss TRANI  Trani sul filo Italy
5 Pss Pss TARANTO Favole e Tamburi Puglia, Italy
7 Pss Pss  GRAND QUEVILLY (76) Théâtre Charles Dullin France
10-11 Pss Pss  MONTARGIS (45) Tivoli France
14 Oh Oh  ANCENIS (44) Théâtre Quartier Libre France
24-26 Pss Pss CATANIA Zō centro culture contemporanee Italy
30 Pss Pss  PIACENZA Manicomics Italy


1 Pss Pss  SANTA SOFIA Teatro Mentore Italy
5 Pss Pss  BELLINZONA Teatro Sociale Switzerland
8 Oh Oh  GRUGLIASCO Cirko Vertigo Italy
12-16 Oh Oh   STRASBOURG (67) Espace K France
26 Pss Pss  CLUSES (74) Théâtre des Allobroges France


01 Oh Oh   PORNICHET Quai des Arts France
05  Oh Oh  LA FLÈCHE (72) Le Carroi France
06 Oh Oh  CARQUEFOU (44) Théâtre de la Fleuriaye France
o7 Oh Oh LANESTER Le Quai 9 France
08  Oh Oh  ORVAULT (44) Odyssée France
10 Oh Oh  AUBAGNE (13) Théâtre Comoedia France
13 Oh Oh  CAHORS (46) Théâtre de Cahors France
19 Oh Oh  HÉSINGUE (68) La Comète France
20 Oh Oh  MORGES Théâtre de Beausobre Switzerland
21 Oh Oh  DARDILLY (69) L’aqueduc France
22 Pss Pss  GRENOBLE (38) Théâtre de Grenoble France
25 Oh Oh  VERSAILLES (78) Théâtre Montansier France
27 Pss Pss  POISSY (78) Théâtre de Poissy France
28 Oh Oh  LE PECQ (78) Le Quai 3 France


3-4 Pss Pss  PITTSBURGH August Wilson Center America
9-10 Pss Pss  MEMPHIS Halloran Centre America
19 Pss Pss  BETHLEHEM Zoellner Arts Centre America
24 Pss Pss  ASHEVILLE Diana Wortham Theatre America


22-24 Pss Pss Arts Industry Conference, Japan


20+21 Oh Oh SIBIU Festival International de Teatro Romania
30 Pss Pss OXFORD The Oxford Playhouse U.K.


1st Pss Pss  OXFORD The Oxford Playhouse U.K.
22 Oh Oh  GRUGLIASCO Sul Filo Del Circo Italy
28+29 Pss Pss  LIENZ OLALA Arts Festival Austria


15-16 COLLODI Senza Fili Festival Italy


11-12 Pss Pss TENERIFE Mueca Festival Canary Islands, Spain
23 Oh Oh  SCHAFFHAUSEN Stadttheater Switzerland
25 Pss Pss LUSTENAU Freudenhaus Austria
26 Oh Oh  BIEL Nebia Switzerland
27 Pss Pss KARLSRUHE Atoll Festival Germany


  The shows below will play in 2021 – details coming soon.
1 Oh Oh PAMPLONA Teatro Gayarre Spain
3 Oh Oh MÓSTOLES Teatro del Bosque Spain
4 Oh Oh ALCALÁ DE HENARES Teatro Salón Cervantes Spain
Oh Oh PALENCIA Teatro Principal Spain
9 Oh Oh PONFERRADA Teatro Bergidum Spain
12 Oh Oh LOGROÑO Teatro Bretón de los Herreros Spain
13 Oh Oh SORIA Palacio de la Audiencia Spain
18 Oh Oh BARAKALDO Serantes Kultur Aretoa Spain


  The shows below will play in 2021 – details coming soon.
10 Oh Oh HESINGUE (68) La Comète France
14 Oh Oh LE PECQ  (78) Le Quai 3 France
15 Oh Oh VERSAILLES (78) Théâtre Montansier France
20 Oh Oh St SYMPHORIEN d’OZON (69) Espace Louise Labé France
21 Pss Pss GRENOBLE (38) Théâtre de Grenoble France
27 Pss Pss DELÉMONT (28) CCRD Forum St Georges France
29 Pss Pss GAGNY  (93) Théâtre Andre Malraux France


  The shows below will play in 2021 – details coming soon.
5 Pss Pss LANASTER (56) Le Quai 9 France
11+12 Pss Pss  SIERRE TLH Festival Encirqué Switzerland
16 TurnGala WILHELMSHAVEN Germany
17 TurnGala LINGEN Germany
18 TurnGala VECHTA Germany
19 TurnGala WALSRODE  Germany
20 TurnGala HAMELN Germany
21 TurnGala ONSABRÜCK Germany
22 TurnGala MINDEN/LUEBBECKE Germany
28 TurnGala FREIBURG Germany
29 TurnGala KONSTANZ Germany

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